Lectures Facility

K.H.A Dahlan Mosque


Located in the center of the UMY integrated building for easy access to worship, the mosque also functions as a public space for study, discussion and student meeting.

It is absolutely essential for Islamic universities to have adequate facilities for their community to perform the best possible worship routine, this is what UMY initiated by establishing KH Mosque. Ahmad Dahlan on an area of ​​5400 m2 as a center of Islamic activities and activities, in order to support the improvement of mentality and personality of UMY academic community toward the life of mankind. KH Mosque. Ahmad Dahlan which consists of 3 floors has a capacity tjungan jamaah more than 15 thousand people.

Sports Facilities

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To support sports activities, available Futsal Field, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton and Volleyball are located in the beautiful environment of UMY integrated campus.

Open sports field is one of the facilities provided by UMY to complement the physical facilities that can support various extra activities and by sports for students and academicians. The field is located in the unit north of UMY campus is also utilized by various parties, especially people around UMY in organizing large-scale events, in addition to the field used as an exhibition arena and Bazar Mukatamar Muhammadiyah a century is also a training center with Hisbul Wathan Football School Kec. Kasihan Bantul.

Plaza and Star Field

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The stars are octagonal and become a typical landmark of UMY. Star field became the center of student community activities.

A very artistic depiction of the eight-star symbol, which is also used by the Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta as a symbol of the establishment of Islam and gives a broad sense of Islamic da’wah’s value. The ideals of Islamic propagation spread from UMY campus, both Lecturer, Student and Alumninya leads to the eight directions of the wind, so that the field is expected to inspire UMY campus community to keep up and grow Islamic values ​​wherever they are. This star field is used for organizing campus out door activities such as exhibitions, bazaars, sports arenas or community activities around the campus such as the implementation of Iedul Fitri and Iedul Adha prayers.

Parking Area


IT Based Parking

Parking access with student and employee cards at two gates and parking areas scattered near the lecture building

In the campus environment of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, the facility for the convenience of vehicle owners to park their vehicles is considered in accordance with the existing safeguards standards, so that adequate land for four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheelers separate meyesancang design layout including driving regulations and sanctions for motorists spotting his car anywhere.

In addition to consider the safety and comfort factor in parking the vehicle as above, the distance to the building area in such a way so as not too far and the wide parking area nan shade would be its own comfort.


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Each class on the UMY campus is equipped with air conditioning and flexible classroom layout adjusting learning activities such as lectures, group discussions and presentations. for delivery of multimedia-based lecture materials provided LCD Screen and Sound System.


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UMY Library provides various references in book form, thesis field of study which also equipped with reading room and multimedia.
Monday – Friday 08.00 – 16.00
Saturday 08.00 -13.00

Computer Laboratory Statistics

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At this time has been formed two laboratories, namely: Laboratory Practice Banking, and Computer Statistics. In order to improve services to students, in 1998 has been built Local Area Network (LAN) network system. In addition FAI UMY always update and add computer facilities owned along with the development needs and technology.

Banking Facilities

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To facilitate students in conducting banking transactions on campus, FAI UMY provides bank counters provided by Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri Syariah, Bank Bukopin, BPD Syariah, and others. In addition there are also ATM facilities around the campus network connected to the ATM Bersama network.

Internet dan Hotspot Area


In supporting the learning process, available Wifi facilities that can be accessed in all areas of campus, email and blog as a means of communication and sharing of references.

To improve access to data and scientific journals and other information access for FAI UMY academic community, there has been provided internet connection facility hot spot and internet facility with cable in all classroom and other strategic place in campus environment.

UMY Boga


Located below Bintang Field, this food court provides a variety of food booths. Equipped with wifi and a seating area or lesehan which is open daily from 08.00-16.00.

The Canteen for students and staff located on the west side of FAI UMY campus provides a wide range of food and beverages at affordable prices for students.

Public Space

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Rock garden for discussion and gathering equipped with Wifi service and access to electricity.